Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lumpy Waters 2011!

Hey folks!  I'm excited to have been invited back to coach at Lumpy Waters this Oct. 14th-16th at Pacific City, Oregon.

If you are a novice paddler looking to venture out into what the outer coast has to offer, this is the symposium for you.  Last year, courses included Intro to Surfing Longboats, Surf Kayak (in short boats), Rock Gardening, Coastal trips, Paddling in Wind, Advanced Long Boat Surfing, and Fear to Fun (very introductory surf zone class), among others.

The weather and swell for 2010 LW was too good to be true, and with a healthy number of coaches from around North America, the student-to-coach ratio was excellent, for both coaches and students.  Lower ratios mean more individualized feedback, more opportunities to focus on student's goals, and creates a safer situation for risk management, and greater ease-of-mind for students to gently push their limits.

If you've been thinking about signing up for this one, take it one step further!  Contact Alder Creek or click the link below.

Please check out last years photos of the event:   

Matt Nelson rock gardening class.

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