Monday, September 26, 2011


Djuna and I are planning on shifting south for the winter.  One of the things I'll miss for sure will be the annual Tofino surf trip which we've been lucky enough to share with great friends and paddlers for 4 or 5 years running.

That said, one of our objectives in regards to our living situation is to end up close to the coast, with much easier access to surf.  I dream of having the surf and rock gardening so accessible that it's even practical to go for a half day or a few hours.  Dare I dream about pre-workday, morning surfs followed by a great Americano and breakfast at some modest soul-kitchen?  Of course there will also be other skilled and enthusiastic boaters to share the stoke with and push each others limits, too!

West coast, Vancouver Island surf.  Matt in his Valley Rush.

This fall will definitely have a surf trip in store, perhaps in Oregon preceding or following Lumpy Waters (a symposium created and run by Alder Creek), or south of Neah Bay--Shi Shi beach.  For this trip we'd hike in with boats on wheels, filling the boats with paddling gear, camping gear, and food.

Time will tell, as we're still a few weeks out from that piece of October, but more will follow...

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