Sunday, November 27, 2011

Breaking Down the Surf Zone

One great asset to Alder Creek and the Lumpy Waters symposium this fall, were the video offerings from Thomas Neilson at Alder Creek.  He enthusiastically documented numerous classes, returning to base camp every evening to edit and add media, so that the many participants of the event could watch themselves on the big screen.  In addition to that, he put together this short video as part of Alder Creek's Instructional Series.  I think he did a great job matching the content of the interview with the video clips. The learning continues--even after the event!

Breaking down the surf zone:

I, too, made a short movie of the day after the symposium.  I wish I could have gotten more video of everyone who was on the water that day because everyone present had some shining moments, but I was thinking more like a paddler having fun than a movie-maker.  Still, it's pretty fun to watch, and gives some sense of what it's like to paddle around rocks and caves with a good-sized swell running.

Check it out: