Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Changing Latitude...

Ryan gets tossed in the Delphin Surf 150
Yes, it feels good to be back in the Pacific Northwest after an interesting winter spent coaching in the Bay Area, exploring new spots to boat, hike, and watch sunsets with my sweet wife, and lots of water-time in the surf and open coast.

As I drove north over the course of three days, I was able to spend a bit of time with the crew of www.saltwoodpaddles.com/ in Portland, and hang out with good friends Mathew and Bridgette in Seattle.  I was really impressed with the smell and feel of spring as I passed into Oregon--a unique pungency brought on by all the new leaves, the humidity, made more beautiful by the many birds celebrating a new season on light and warmth.

I happened to return during some big tidal exchanges, so it was only natural to check in with my friend Ryan, and hit up the favorite spot.

Preventing evaporative cooling during a break!

Things got pretty decent as the current increased and the predicted wind from the southwest built, and within two hours after slack there were some nice 5-6 footers.

Over the falls?  Overfalls.

We had launched from a different area this day, so had an exciting paddle back with a huge ferry glide, and another violent overfalls all against the 20-knot wind.  After playing all day, it was a push to get back.  We both acknowledged that we tapped our "limit of adequate reserves"--something that has, and will, get paddlers into trouble.  As a coach, I scolded myself for not practicing what I preach, and acknowledged that if we break our own rules, an incident will inevitably occur.  

In this case, we only suffered some sore core muscles....


  1. The most sacred paddling spot! I miss it and both of you! Good work brothers!

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