Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paddling with New Friends

One of the things I appreciate most about boating is the wonderful people I end up meeting and sharing on-water time with.

Alec and Sharon Boyd-Peshkin are a couple who live, coach,  and paddle in the Great Lakes area.  Their region sounds very interesting and beautiful--indeed, I'm looking forward to experiencing it myself sometime.  Check out their blog "have kayaks, will travel".  These two are also the epitome of health and vitality (as well as thoughtful and intelligent coaches) and I found being in their presence very inspiring...

I was fortunate enough to share a couple of my favorite spots with these two while they were on Orcas, visiting and coaching--a sort of "working vacation".

I had been keeping tabs on the weather in the E. Straits of Juan De Fuca, and the westerly wind coupled with an evening flood promised some good, fun conditions and evening light.  When we arrived at our put-in, we had the added bonus of connecting with good friend, Colin Doherty, who lives on Lopez Is.  We had a great time catching some very surfable waves, then took the long way back to our put-in, paddling coastline  brought to life by the crashing waves and slanting rays of the setting sun.  It was a treat to have everything (and everyone) line up to create a great 4 hours of kayaking.

The zone.  Photo by Alec Boyd.

"Anatomy" of the overfalls.  Photo by Alec.
Sharon ferry's over to the best waves.  Photo by Alec.

"Free your ends, and your mind will follow!"  Photo by Alec.

Privileged moment...

Our other excursion was about as far in the opposite direction as you can get in the San Juan's.  We went on a "lunch paddle" out to Patos Is., visited the lighthouse, ate a great picnic, and continued on along the steep and shaded north shore of Sucia, riding the gentle ebb back to North beach.

Goodbye, Alec and Sharon...safe travels to you both!

This whole side of the island was the upstream "cushion" on the ebb.
Some texture off of Alden Pt.